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OMARMT is a conjugation of Dutch word - embrace. We open this online enterprise as the world embraces sustainability and fair trade and we want to support local entrepreneurs in East Africa, particulary in Kenya, Rwanda, and Tanzania, to expand their social economic activities.

With our four core value centring in exclusivity, fair trade, high-quality, and sustainability, we hope we can help a unilateral narrative and rich diversity of social enterprises that centres around local community and global inclusion.

Our products are a result of years of research  and community-based outreach programme grounded on common values, co-operation, and the idea that by supporting locals from developing countries, this can create real opportunties and multiplier effect for their families and greater wider community.

We hope to slowly expand into coffee and tea, beaded jewellery, native handbags, footwear, and products that uses locally sustainable raw materials. For now, we hope you can join us with our journey in supporting local social enterprise to create a sustainable world.

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